Free Hosting with any support plan!

Just sign up for one of our plans and we will build you a simple site, free of charge, to get you up and running.

Add additional premium features only if you need them.

Free app to update your site on the go!

You can choose if you want to review your site annually or add updates hourly, it’s your choice.

Fastest and safest sites on the web!

The hottest speed technologies and proactive security practices

With modern Web Design, the only limit is your imagination

Your plan includes everything a small business needs

Creating a space for website
Installing hosting software and plugins

Building a few pages by adding information and graphics supplied by you
Creating a ‘contact us’ form
Securing you site with an SSL certificate
Giving you access to update your site from your computer and or tablet/phone
Updates and security patches for your site
Search Engine Optimisation

How we work…

Our small team will design, develop and manage your website from the initial build through to guaranteeing it performs to your expectations over time.

The first step is to fully understand your business goals. This enables us to deliver a high-quality, engaging website that actually performs the way you want it to.

All of our websites are mobile responsive as standard, so they work as expeted with computers, tables and phones. There are all secure and encrypted to protect you, your visitors and to help them rank more highly with Google.

Your site will be continually optimise, you improve your search engine ranking, kept up to date and in top shape and we manage and support all the technical bits and provide advice whenever you need it…

Social Media is essential to most small businesses and your website is the hub that brings your your online presence together.

Fully integrating your website with Facebook, Twitter and any other platform you use, links your customers to you marketing presence in the most efficient way possible.

Its time to get technology working for you!


SSD drives for all plans

For more speed we use solid-state drives on all our web hosting plans.

Latest speed technologies

Enhanced performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN.

Free SSL Certificate

We provide Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with each account.

User apps autoupdates

We make over 3 million WordPress and Joomla updates every year.

Own firewall security rules

We wrote 800+ WAF rules to fix zero day vulnerabilities in the last 12 months.

The most stable platform

Top LXC technology, automated monitoring and daily backup.

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